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Use a fixed IP address for a video device

Video devices have the capability to have fixed IP addresses for advanced networking applications. 

To use a fixed IP address for a video device:

Important: These settings should only be adjusted by a networking expert who is familiar with the network.

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Use the Video Device dropdown menu to select the desired video device.
  5. Click Video Device Info.
  6. Click Advanced Network Setup and Testing.
  7. Click to select Use Fixed IP Address (For networking experts only).
    • In IP Address, enter the video device's IP address.
    • In Subnet Mask, enter the network's subnet mask.
    • In Gateway Router, enter the default gateway.
    • In HTTPS Port, enter the video device's HTTPS port.
    • In Primary DNS, enter the primary DNS.
    • In Secondary DNS, enter the secondary DNS.
  8. Click Save.

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