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Adjust saved video resolution, image quality, or frame rate

Saved video settings can be customized for each camera and video device. 

Adjust saved video resolution, image quality, or frame rate

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Tap Video .
  3. Tap Configure.
  4. Tap the desired camera. 
  5. Tap Video
  6. Adjust the saved video settings as desired. 
    • Using the Clip Resolution dropdown menu, tap to select the desired saved clip resolution.
    • Tap Clip Quality Settings to adjust the image quality and frame rate of saved clips. 
    • Tap Clip Length Settings to adjust alarm, camera-triggered, and event-triggered clips. 

      Change clip resolution in app
  7. Tap Save.
  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Video.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Using the Video Device dropdown menu, select the desired camera.
  5. Click Saved Video.
  6. To make changes to the available settings:
    • Using the Resolution (pixels) dropdown menu, select the desired video resolution.
    • Using the Image Quality dropdown menu select the desired video image quality.
    • Using the Frame Rate dropdown menu, select the desired video frame rate.

      saved video image quality settings
      Note: Some settings cannot be changed on select cameras. If the setting is unavailable, it will be grayed out on the customer website.

      grayed out setting
  7. Click Save.

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