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What can I do if mobile push notifications do not play sound?

If there is no sound played when a push notification is received, perform the following troubleshooting:

Verify mobile device notification settings

  1. Verify that the media volume on the mobile device is not muted.
  2. Verify that the mobile device does not have any Do Not Disturb settings enabled or select Do Not Disturb override options in the device's settings.
  3. Verify that the mobile device allows push notifications to both play sounds and wake the screen.
  4. Verify that the app has access to notifications sounds in the mobile device’s settings.

Verify the mobile device speaker function

  1. Test other applications on the mobile device for audio functionality.
  2. Listen for sound out of the mobile device’s speaker as well as with headphones to determine if the issue is related to one of these. 
    Note: Some mobile device cases can muffle sounds.

Verify the mobile device launcher settings

  1. If using a launcher app on an Android phone, turn the launcher app off and see if notifications are affected in the same way.
  2. Apps that manage notifications are known to affect both the sounds of notifications and are known to hide notifications in some cases.

Additional troubleshooting

For more information about how to configure mobile push notifications, see How can a device start receiving Push Notifications?

For more information about how to troubleshoot mobile push notifications, see What can I do if someone is not receiving push notifications?

Depending on the device the user has, the instructions to verify settings may vary. For device-specific instructions about how to verify these settings, refer to Apple Support or Android Help.

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