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What is Give Back, Get Back?

GIVE Back, GET Back is a feature that helps you enroll in programs with electric utilities, which may qualify you for special savings or incentives. These programs are usually run during the hot summer months when electrical demand is high due to air conditioner use, though they may also include automated demand response heating control for the cooler months, so you can earn financial incentives from utilities year-round.

By enrolling in a supported program, you allow your utility provider to offset your thermostat setpoint during peak hours to lessen the load on the power grid. If you are enrolled in GIVE Back, GET Back, you are able to opt-out of a single event or opt-out of the program entirely at any time. Opting out has an effect on available savings/incentives offered through the program.

Note: The GIVE Back, GET Back program is offered for customers in supported markets using thermostats. For more information about this program, contact your service provider. 

To configure GIVE Back, GET Back settings using the customer website: 

Note: If you do not see the option, this program may not be offered in your area. For more information about this program, contact your service provider. 

  1. Log into the customer website. 
  2. In the Thermostats card, click .
  3. Click GIVE Back, GET Back.
  4. Click Settings and Notifications.
  5. Click the toggle switches to enable or disable Give Back, Get Back Sign up and Notify for Give Back, Get Back Activity
    Note: The system must be disarmed in order to opt into GIVE Back, GET Back.  

Email notifications will give you advanced notice of thermostat adjustments. There is an average of 6-10 peak events per season. To override settings, simply increase or decrease the temperature during an event. 

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