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Create/edit a sensor left open thermostat energy saver rule

A Sensor Left Open Energy Saver rule can adjust a thermostat's setpoint or mode if a door, window, or other sensor is left open for a specified duration.

To create a sensor left open energy saver rule using the customer website: 

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Find the Sensor Left Open Energy Saver rule, and click Configure.
  4. In When any of these sensors, click to select which sensors the rule is applied to.
    Note: There is a limit of 32 sensors per Sensor Left Open Energy Saver rule.
  5. In Is Left Open for this duration, use the dropdown menus and click to select the thermostat actions for the rule.
    • If applicable and desired, click to select Apply to all thermostats to apply the rule to all thermostats on the system.
  6. To add notification recipients:
    1. Click Add
    2. Click to select the desired recipients from the Address Book, or add an unlisted recipient by clicking New.
    3. Click Close to add selected recipients. 
  7. Verify the notification is configured with the correct settings.
  8. Click Save.

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