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Create/edit a shade automation schedule

Once Smart Shades are integrated with, they can be automated using the Schedules feature. 

Create/edit a shade schedule

To create/edit a shade schedule using the customer website:
  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click Schedules.
  4. Click Add Schedule, then click Shade Schedule to create a new schedule. 
    • To edit a schedule, click Edit.
  5. In Name of Rule, enter a name of the schedule.
  6. In Automate My, click to select Shades.
  7. In Select Devices, click to select the desired devices. 
  8. In On these days, click to select the desired days for the schedule to apply.
  9. In Perform these actions, using the First dropdown menu, select the desired beginning action.
  10. In Time of Day, use the dropdowns to select the desired time for the beginning action.
  11. Using the Then dropdown menu, select the next desired action.
    • If the Then action differs from the First action, click to select the desired time for that action to occur. 
  12. If desired, in Away from home option, click Make times approximate (give/take about 45 min.).

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