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Create an event-triggered security system automation rule

Event-triggered security system rules allow you to automatically arm or disarm your security system based on lock activity.

To create an event-triggered security system automation rule using the customer website:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Automation.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Click Event-triggered Rule.
  5. In the Name of rule field, enter the name of the rule.
  6. In Automate My, select Security System.
  7. In When this event occurs, select the lock that will trigger the security system rule and then use the dropdown menus to specify the conditions of the action.
  8. In Perform this action, use the dropdown menu to specify the lock action to be completed.
    Note: When selecting Disarm as the action to be performed for this rule, anyone with access to the selected lock will be able to disarm the security system simply by unlocking the lock locally with a user code, regardless of whether the user has been given security panel access.
  9. In Select Devices, click to select which systems or partitions will follow the rule.
  10. In During this time frame, click to select when you would like the rule to be active.
    • At All Times for the rule to be carried out any time of day.
    • Only during the following times to choose specific days and times that selected devices are automated by the rule.
  11. Verify the rule is configured with the correct settings.
  12. Click Save.

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