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Create a fire-triggered unlocking automation rule

A fire-triggered unlocking rule helps you safely exit your home in an emergency and gives first responders immediate access to the property. If you have smoke/CO sensors and at least one lock enabled on your account, this rule can automatically unlock a single door (e.g., the front or back door) when smoke or CO is detected or when the fire panic button on the security panel is pressed.

Important: This rule needs to be created and enabled manually on the app or customer website before it can begin to take effect.


Fire-triggered unlocking rules are compatible with most supported security panels and Z-Wave locks. For information about device compatibility, contact your service provider.

Important: If there is a manual auto-relock switch on the physical lock, verify it is switched to the off position.

Create a fire-triggered lock automation rule

Important: This rule can only be created for a single lock.

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