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View the status of Z-Wave lights

The light status of compatible Z-Wave devices can be viewed using the app and customer website.

Important: To view Z-Wave light devices, the Lights add-on must be selected on your service package. If you do not see your Z-Wave light devices on your account, contact your service provider.

View the light status

Groups of lights

Using the customer website, it is possible to create groups of lights to view and control at the same time. When light groups are being used, the light status for each device in the group will appear as the following:

Light Group Status

For more information on creating and managing light groups, see Create/edit a group of lights.


Not all Z-Wave lights are displaying a status

Some Z-Wave light devices require periodic polling. If there are more than 10 of these types of devices enrolled, you will need to manually designate which of those devices will display their status. By default, light status is enabled for the first 10 polling light devices. Light status can be enabled or disabled for specific devices after more than 10 polling light devices are enrolled to the system.

Note: There is no limit to the number of non-polling light devices that will display their status. These devices will not have the option to manage their status.

To manage a light device status display:
  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. In the Lights card, click Details.
  3. Click Configure for the light to be managed.
  4. Click the Show Light Status toggle switch.
  5. Click icn-close.svg.

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