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Gate control device is in malfunction

The Malfunction trouble condition indicates a device is unable to properly communicate.

Note: The gate control status may also appear as offline

If a gate control device is in malfunction or offline:

Flex IO™
  1. Check the batteries and replace if necessary.
  2. Check the red and yellow LEDs for more information about the device trouble.

For LiftMaster gates

  1. Open and close the gate from the wall control.
  2. Request an update on the equipment status using the app or customer website.
    • To update the equipment status on the app, tap on the Gate status in the Garage Doors card, then tap Reconnect.
    • To update the equipment status on the customer website click Details on the garage card, then click Refresh.
  3. Verify the gate is within communication range of the router. 
    • Verify the internet connection it is associated with is active.
  4. Verify the gate control device has power. 

If the gate control device is still in malfunction or offline, contact your service provider.

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