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Knowledge Base Skill - Enable Two Factor Authentication supports device authentication for Amazon Alexa.

Note: Authenticating Two Factor with Alexa does not authenticate individual devices but authenticates the Amazon account to use

To authenticate Amazon as a trusted account:

  1. Enable the Skill. For more information, see Connect Amazon Alexa with
  2. Start talking to on the Amazon Echo device. Say "Alexa, talk to".
  3. Alexa will respond with "This device has not been authenticated." A text message or email with a six-digit code to authenticate the Amazon Alexa device will be sent.
  4. To authenticate the device say, "Alexa, tell to authenticate with <code from the text message or email>".
  5. If the code was not heard correctly by Alexa, try again. For best results, say each digit individually.
    • If Alexa is unable to understand the code, it is possible to retrieve a new code by starting the process over or saying, "Alexa, tell I need another code."
  6. The Amazon account has now been authenticated to use

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