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Create a Business Hours Template

Business hours make it easier to configure and manage commercial features like reporting, arming schedules, auto re-arming, and notifications. Business hours can be managed using the customer website.

To create a Business Hours Templates:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Verify the Enterprise name is selected, and not a location name. When the Enterprise group is selected, a Locations option shows in the menu instead of Home
    • If a location is selected, use the dropdown menu to select the Enterprise group. Enterprise groups have Group property next to the Enterprise name, whereas locations will have icn-enterprise-open.svg for commercial accounts or Single property for residential accounts next to the location name.
    • If the option to select an Enterprise group is not showing, verify the login has access to the Enterprise group. 
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Business Hours.
  5. Click Create New Template.
    Note: Business hours will only be applied to the primary partition of each location that uses the template. This can be changed in the location's settings.
  6. You are able to name the template, select the day of the week, define hours the location should be open, and set windows when employees should be arriving and departing.
  7. By clicking on Copy, you can select multiple days of the week to apply these selections to. You can also define whether this template will apply to All Locations, or click on Partial Locations to select from a list of all locations included in the Enterprise.

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