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Why does live video appear dark when attempting to view the livestream?

Live video can appear dark on the app or customer website for a few reasons.

If live video appears dark:

  1. Verify that the camera lens is free of dust and smudges.
  2. Verify the display is not causing the darkness; try live video on another device.
  3. Adjust the Video Device Image settings. For information about what settings can be adjusted, see Change a camera's brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure, or night vision sensitivity.
    • If changing the Video Device Image settings washes out the image, try changing the positioning or angle of the camera so exposure is more desirable.
      Example: If the camera is placed in a dark room facing outside, bright sunlight may cause the camera to adjust its exposure to dark areas and, as a result, render the image too dark. Attempt to include more of the dark area in the view to lessen exposure-related issues. 

For further troubleshooting, contact your service provider.

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