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Dual-Path Communication Failure - Broadband

Dual-Path Communication Failure - Broadband indicates that your panel cannot communicate through the broadband network. Until resolved, your panel is without backup communication and will stop working if cellular communication also fails.

The Wi-Fi signal may be weak causing slow internet speeds or no connection at all. Physical interferences like thick walls, floors, or other appliances can cause interrupted internet connection.

How to resolve:

There are several possible reasons the broadband communication is not connected. Try the following steps to troubleshoot: 

  1. Check your router's user's manual for specific instructions.
    1. Power cycle your router.
    2. Verify your router has power and internet connectivity. 
    3. Check for router updates.
  2. For panels with built-in Wi-Fi communication, verify the panel can connect to the router's Wi-Fi.
    1. Verify the connection at the panel location by performing an internet speed near the panel. For more information about performing a speed test, see Perform an Internet speed test
      • You might need to upgrade your internet speed. Weak signals can also be caused by multiple devices connected to your internet.
    2. Your router might be too far away from your panel.  Reposition or relocate your router. Move the router closer to your panel to ensure signals are uninterrupted. 
    3. Add a WiFi extender. Extenders allow for consistent or stronger coverage throughout a larger space/area.
  3. For panels that use an Ethernet connection for broadband, verify the Ethernet cable is securely connected between the panel and router. 

If you need additional support, contact your service provider.

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