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What is a battery tamper and mounting tamper?

The Flex IOsensor has two tamper switches-a battery tamper and a mounting tamper. 

The following table outlines how each tamper is triggered, resolved, and what LEDs flash locally to report it. 

Tamper type How it's triggered How to resolve  LED report 
Battery tamper  Triggers anytime the battery door is open The battery door must be fully screwed down  1 red blink every 2 seconds
Mounting tamper

Triggers if the device is moved from its mounted location

Note: The tamper is located on the back of the device

The tamper button must be fully pressed (until a clicking sound is heard) 

Alternating red and yellow blinks Flex IOsensor tampers can be enabled/disabled during the Flex DIY Wizard Installation process. For more information, see Flex IOsensor - Installation Guide

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