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Knowledge Base Flex IO™ sensor - Supported Use Cases

The following table describes some use cases for Flex IOsensor.  

Note: The Flex IOsensor is designed to self-monitor property and assets. The Flex IOsensor does not report alarms to a monitoring station. 

How will the Flex IOsensor be used?  Example Applications
Contact Sensor allows you to use the Flex and built-in reed switch to monitor if something is opened or closed.  
  • Shed Doors
  • Storage Units
  • Chicken Coop
  • Fences
  • Delivery Boxes
  • RV Doors
Wired Contact Sensor allows you to wire a contact sensor to the Flex using the loop input terminal.  Install the Flex IO in a discrete and convenient location and wire the sensor to your door, window, or entry point
Pull-Apart Sensor allows you to use the Flex with a pull-apart or Magnapull sensor. This could be used to determine if something is moved from its location. 
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Yard Decorations
  • Jet Skis  
  • Boat Lifts
  • Motorcycles Machinery
Gate Control allows you to use the Flex with a compatible gate controller.  Install the Flex IO to allow users to open their gate using 
Note: When the remote open command is sent, the Relay Output momentarily closes, triggering the gate to open.
Virtual sensor integrated with an IQ panel  Install the Flex IO to integrate with a Qolsys IQ security panel. 



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