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Associate a camera with an SVR

Associate a camera with a Stream Video Recorder (SVR) to start local 24/7 recording.

To associate a camera with an SVR:

  1. Verify that all of the video devices for the SVR to record from are enrolled on your account.
  2. Log into the customer website.
  3. Click Video.
  4. Click Recording Rules.
  5. Click Local Recordings.
    Note: If there is more than one Stream Video Recorder on the account, use the dropdown menu to select the desired Stream Video Recorder.
  6. Click Add New Schedule.
  7. Configure the schedule:
    1. In Record from this camera, click to select the camera to record to the Streaming Video Recorder. 
    2. Using the At the following frame rate dropdown menu, select the frame rate. 
    3. Using the At this resolution dropdown menu, select the resolution if the camera supports it. 
    4. Using the At this quality dropdown menu, select the quality. 
    5. In During this time frame, select a time frame for the rule to be active.
    6. To limit the number of days to record:
      1. Click Advanced Options.
      2. Click the Limit the number of days to record toggle switch to enable the limit.
      3. Using the dropdown menu, select the number of days to record.
        Note: Recorded video will still be automatically overwritten if you reach your local storage capacity prior to the day limit.
      4. Click Save.
  8. Click Save Schedule

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