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How can a device start receiving Push Notifications?

To receive Push Notifications for an account, enable the feature for each mobile device you would like to receive push notifications.

Note: The Kindle Fire tablet is unable to receive push notifications. 

To add a push device using the app:

  1. Log into the app using the device to receive push notifications on.
  2. Tap Menu.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Tap the Push Notifications toggle switch to turn it ON.

Note: The push device now exists on the account as a Push Device user. 

To configure Push Notifications using the app:

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Tap Menu.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Tap the desired notification.
  6. In Recipients, tap Add.
  7. Choose a device/recipient.
  8. Tap Close.

To manage push notification devices using the customer website: 

Note: Push devices can only be added using the app. 

  1. Log into the customer website. 
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Click Push Devices
  4. Click the desired device to manage notifications for. 
  5. In the Device Name field, enter the desired name for the push device. 
  6. Click either of the following: 
    • Enable Notifications to toggle push notifications on/off for the device.
    • Delete to remove the push device from the account. 
  7. Click Save.

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