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What is a Geo-Fence?

A Geo-Fence is a circular area defined by the user. This area is used as a reference to determine if a Geo-Device (e.g., a mobile device associated with the account) is inside or outside this area. Based on this, it is possible to create automation rules, reminders, and notifications.

For example, a thermostat can be set to specific temperatures based on whether the Geo-Device is inside or outside the radius of the Geo-Fence.


Note: The minimum radius is 1.6 kilometers (or one mile), and the maximum is 160 kilometers (or 100 miles). If your account is in Canada, the minimum distance is 1.5 kilometers for a Geo-Fence. For more information, see What is the minimum and maximum size of a Geo-Fence?.

For information about creating Geo-Fences, see Create/edit a Geo-Fence.

For information about deleting Geo-Fences, see Delete a Geo-Fence.

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