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Create/edit an Places pause video recording rule

The option Pause Video Recordings is used to pause video recording rules based on your phone’s location or security system status (Armed Stay or Disarmed), preventing video clips from being captured. These location-based alerts can be configured from the customer website to notify you at all times of day, on a set schedule, or based on your phone’s location.

To create/edit an Places pause video recording rule:

  1. Log into the customer website.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Places.
  4. Click Pause Video Recordings.
  5. Click Edit on the video recording rule to apply a pause rule to it. 
  6. In At home settings
    • Click to select Do not record when any of the Geo-Devices
    • Use the Geo-Devices dropdown menu to select the Geo-Devices to trigger the rule.
      Important: If multiple Geo-Devices are selected, it will require the last of these devices to enter or exit the Geo-Fence before the rule is triggered.
    • Use the Geo-Fence dropdown menu to select the Geo-Fence to trigger the rule. 
  7. Verify the recording rule is set up with the correct settings. 
  8. Click Save Rule.

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