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Google Home says, “The device appears to be malfunctioning”

When Google Home says, “The device appears to be malfunctioning” it indicates your devices are currently in a malfunctioning state. Taking the device out of malfunction varies depending on the device type. 


To confirm the devices are malfunctioning, navigate to the customer website. The light bulb symbol displays the malfunctioning state icon. To take the device out of malfunction, verify the lights are either plugged into an outlet or functioning as intended (if it is a wall switch or power socket).

Once the device is expected to be back online, send a command using the app or customer website to confirm. If the device is out of the malfunctioning state, try using Google Home again.


Verify that the thermostat has power. If the thermostat does not appear to have power, it is likely the batteries need to be replaced.

  1. Turn off the Heat/AC and all power to the thermostat at the breaker.
  2. Replace the thermostat's batteries.
  3. Send a command to the thermostat to verify it is back online.

Locks, garage doors, and security systems

These types of devices will not return a malfunction state through Google Home. If you are seeing a malfunction on the app or customer website for one of these devices, verify it is receiving proper power. For further troubleshooting, contact your service provider. 

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