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Google Home says, “I couldn’t find the device 'device name' on your account.”

When the “I couldn’t find the device 'device name' on your account” error appears, on Google Home is unable to find the requested device. 

It is possible Google Home did not hear the device name correctly or the action does not have a match for the name of the device. If it is the latter, verify the device name meets the naming guidelines. For more information, see Google Home does not understand the names of the devices.

If the command does not work and the device meets naming guidelines, check the Google Home app to verify the request was heard correctly.

To verify what Google Home heard:

  1. Tap to open the Google Home app.
  2. Tap User.

    Google Home update profile icon.PNG
  3. Tap My activity.

    Explore page.png
  4. Flick to scroll and find the recent commands said to Google Assistant.

    my activity.png
  5. If Google Home did not hear commands correctly, retry the commands. If Google Home did hear the command correctly but spelled the device name differently than how the user has it spelled on, change the device name on to match what the Google Home is hearing.

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