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Google Home is interacting with multiple devices instead of the one desired device on Google Home can complete group interactions when using plural keywords. For example, on an account with living room lamp and living room light, living room lights would interact with both devices.

Note: Group interactions through Google Home are triggered when a set of devices have similar names. This feature is not related to the device groups you can create on the customer website. 

If the device name contains the words below, make them singular to prevent grouping:

  • "Lights" change to "Light"
  • "Switches" change to  "Switch"
  • "Dimmers" change to "Dimmer"
  • "Bulbs" change to "Bulb"
  • "Shades" change to "Shade"
  • "Doors" change to "Door"
  • "Locks" change to "Lock"
  • "Deadbolts" change to "Deadbolt"
  • "Knobs" change to "Knob"
Garage Door 
  • "Garage doors" change to "Garage door"
  • "Gates" change to "Gate"

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